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To cry, usually excessively, after having an orgasm and followed by instantly falling asleep.
"You won't believe what happened with this guy I was hooking up with -- he pulled a scrouch!"
by the Big Sexy December 04, 2004
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Another name for a woman's "lady parts".
Phil: Hey dude. How'd you get on at that party last night?

Shane: Pretty good man. I was balls-deep in scrouch by 10pm.

Phil: Nice
by Phibbles July 29, 2011
To scrunch down low or crouch
Phil scrouched down in the car to avoid being seen by his one-night stand from 3 days ago
by Project Green Leaf May 26, 2006
a "sex couch" that seems to possess special powers that leads to the couple sitting or sleeping on the couch to engage in sexual activities. generally the scrouch is activated from, but not limited to, excess alcohol consumption.
Bob: You will never believe this, but Jack got laid at the party last night!
Sally: What?! Jack is too ugly to fuck.
Bob: Usually, but somehow he got a woman on the scrouch.
Sally: Just thinking about the scrouch is making my vaginey wet.
by Haywood Jablome? January 27, 2011

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