abbreviation of 'scrotum' part of the male genitalia
scrot diseases include:
- itchy scrot
- saggy scrot
- sore scrot
- smelly scrot
All that chaffing from wearing these leather pants has given me sore scrot
by CameronG July 19, 2005
Top Definition
An abbreviation of scrotum.
Hes a scrot.
by Bxa cRu July 06, 2003
Pat Thompson; origin: Tim Nast
Scrot accused the Viceroy that his life was a lie.
by 90 606 March 20, 2005
UK Slang for Scrotum
John just got kicked in the scrots by Eddy.
by Loki000009 May 03, 2010
A very useful screenshotting utility for GNU/Linux.
To lookup scrot's man page:
man scrot

To take a screenshot:
scrot -d 5 -b -s -q 1 scrot.png
by Unixguy1974 August 28, 2011
A Person (Mostly Girls) Who is in other words A Sluta Bird or A Smut.
Damn that bitch talks to Mad Dudes.
Shes a Scrot.
by MiChi. March 14, 2008
Pubic stuble regrowth following intense shaving session.
While my girlfriend was going down on me her nose got cut on my razor sharp SCROTS!
the term coined for the members and pledges of Sigma Tau Gamma. They are such pussys many started calling them scrots. Members embraced the term and now like being scrots together. Mainly at the University of Central Arkansas.
Dude is he a sig ep?
no, he is a stupid scrot

what frat you pledgin?
I am a scrot pledge
by don't be a scrot February 08, 2008
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