Rapidly scrolling text in a chat system, an accidental typo for "scroll" that became popular in the early Apple-II and TRS-80 based serial chat trees like Roundtable.

Still occasionally seen on IRC and web-based chat systems that don't maintain a complete chat history.
Repeat that, it was lost in the scrool!
by Resuna July 22, 2006
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When you hear or see something squee-worthy and want to scream, yet either embarrassment or immense self-control helps you resist the urge, resulting in a lust-induced drool.
Every time Angel hears Orlando Bloom's name, she promptly scrools.
by oemgeejacksonsforme January 18, 2010
Honey-thick female ejaculate usually plastered across one's face after performing rapturous cunnilingus on a thick ass amazonian princess of caucasian ancestry.
I love scrool.

I scrooled her so good, I had to power wash my eyes.

Amazon: Get your hot ass here. I am up for a good scrooling! Now!
Slave: Lick, suck, Glub, Scrool
by hdchz October 20, 2006

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