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When a boss works you to death but is to cheap to buy drinks at happy hour
A little appreciation for my hard work at the office could go a long way. Just buy us drinks once in a while and stop being so freakin' scroogy.
by Stoolie April 24, 2015
A skanky lowlife...Someone who lives a life of deceiving others for personal gain..A soul snatcher...liar and a thief.....
Mikey refused to return my $2700 for a car I bought from him, or give me the car when our deal was completed...scroogy move....
Lorrie made a scroogy move by siding with a thief.....
by bragging rights May 03, 2015
Gloves or "wrist warmers" with exposed fingers as the characters from A Christmas Carol are shown wearing. Seen most often on knitting hipsters, starving artists, steampunks and the homeless.
Just bought me some scroogies off Etsy! now I can surf FB and urban dictionary and still have warm hands!
by ali mar November 04, 2009
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