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noun. someone who is nasty, disgusting, or scrody
That man hasn't washed in a week. What a total scrode!
by jondoe01 November 16, 2006
Scrode is the shortened word for scrotum. One might say it randomly out of the blue, or when they are exited/pissed off.
* bob drops book on foot*..... Bob yells "Son of a scrode!!"

Other Example:
*silence in class room* weird as kid randomly says "SCRODE"
by Mr.KoolAide September 10, 2014
based on the word "chode" on which your penis is wider then its length, but in the "scrode" instance, your actuall scrotum is longer then your penis, hence the term, "scrode"
Wow, that kid Rich Guy sure has a mega scrode, because John Meclhing sucked it last night and told me!
by heath vorhees October 01, 2004
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