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(N.) an itch that is not normally attended to in public.
(V.)scritching (not normally used)
"she went to scratch her scritch in the bathroom"
by amanda March 26, 2005
SCR = Scruffy
Itch = Bitch

Scruffy Bitch = Scritch
"Tell yo scritch she needs to stop shittin out her mouth and take a shower"
by Knieko January 19, 2005
When a man shits and doesn't wipe his ass clean enough, it leaves brown shit-stains in his white underwear. This is why men now wear non-white underwear to avoid visible scritch marks.
I was doing laundry this weekend and the scritch marks in my husband's underwear were so thick that I had to call him and ask if he shit his pants. I didn't know he was on speaker phone when I asked him.
by G-girl November 13, 2007