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the actual meaning of scritch is:
(1) (noun) A deep soothing scratch on the back of the neck or between the ears.
(2) (verb) To pleasantly abrade the skin beneath another\'s fur; to perform an act
of benevolence usually as a reward for past aid.
(3) (noun) An instance or situation where skritching occurs; a furr who enjoys
by glrbird September 27, 2003
Another derivative of the word "bitches", but the difference is scritches are wit it, and are late night reserves
Fuck it, Lets hit up some scritches
#bitches #wit its #late nights #booty calls #sluts
by Sciraldo December 06, 2010
To scratch an itch. (Verb)
"Sorry, I just had to scritch"
#scratch #rub #itch #skritch #scrich
by angel8 April 18, 2006
Scribble + Itch> Totally unreadable handwriting as in- Doctors handwriting or a secret code that has no meaning except to bewilder and confuse.
" The following day I pulled out the crumpled napkin with her phone number - only to find out it was scritch"
#chicken #scratch #scribble #itch #scritched
by BurgleCut March 05, 2008
(N.) an itch that is not normally attended to in public.
(V.)scritching (not normally used)
"she went to scratch her scritch in the bathroom"
by amanda March 26, 2005
SCR = Scruffy
Itch = Bitch

Scruffy Bitch = Scritch
"Tell yo scritch she needs to stop shittin out her mouth and take a shower"
by Knieko January 19, 2005
When a man shits and doesn't wipe his ass clean enough, it leaves brown shit-stains in his white underwear. This is why men now wear non-white underwear to avoid visible scritch marks.
I was doing laundry this weekend and the scritch marks in my husband's underwear were so thick that I had to call him and ask if he shit his pants. I didn't know he was on speaker phone when I asked him.
#shit #stain #skidmark #underwear #brown stain
by G-girl November 13, 2007
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