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Canabis resin often mixed with plastic, soap powder and petrol or diesel.
by Jonny Holland September 23, 2003
a combo word for shit and crap. can be substituted for either.
Hey, grab your scrit and lets go.
by jagerboy January 15, 2005
a skank (dirty) idiot (someone with little brain power)
eww he just ate tht m&m tht fell on the floor, OMG he is such a scrit!!!
by Justin V. aka: Jez, Just_ez August 06, 2008
a female 'chav'... with several children (more than likely all with different fathers) decked out in the latest in sportswear, lives in a council flat and does not have a job. Daytime haunts include MacDonalds, the Job Centre, Hair and Beauty department of the town College, Woolworths and Select/Tk Maxx/New Look (whatever they have in their particular town). Nighttime haunts include the local Co-op, the local park, the local youth club, the town centre, bus-stops and when they can get their mum to babysit, their local night club.

Comes from scr-ounger and benef-it
= Scrit
Christ, i'm not going in Maccys today, full of bloody scrits!
by Sian Clarke January 27, 2005
ritalin; most often used to refer to the drug when crushed up and snorted or droped
I've got a like three mid-terms tomorrow..you know where i can find some scrit?
by romines October 19, 2005