In the realm of computer science, a pejorative term used to describe a lower life form with no aptitude and a god complex.
You all made that game with point-and-click Game Studio?!? Ya bunch of script kiddies! Learn to code!
by Judecn July 26, 2006
Kids who would like to be el33t hackerz but just copy the work of others, thinking themselves cool.
Dem script kiddies think they be el33t haxors, but they really suxor! Dude, for real!
by Stephanie Gilgut December 10, 2003
In my personal experiences, a script kiddy is one who goes around to various forums, asking how to hack, w/o any previous experience with computers.
See lamer
<ranger> damn these script kiddies always plagueing my forums!
by the oldmanpanda November 23, 2003

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