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a n00b cat, that cant program

see script kiddy
*cat humps the computer*

damn script kitty
by SasaMaker October 03, 2006
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A person who uses hacking programs to hack because they have no 1337 sk1llz
You stupid little script kitty
by Shiv October 08, 2003
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pretending to be a scriptkiddy just for laughs and to make other people raged.

or even to hide the fact that your an actual hacker.
11:15 (nu|L) you dont do shit
11:15 (nu|L) is why
11:15 (nu|L) ...
11:15 (Rofles) EXACTLY ^
11:15 (Rofles) smart boy
11:15 (Rofles) your catching on
11:15 (nu|L) you cant hack...
11:15 (Rofles) EXACTLY ^
11:15 (nu|L) so what do you mean
11:15 (nu|L) why would .gov fuck with you?
11:15 (Rofles) EXACTLY ^
11:16 (nu|L) youre garbage...
11:16 (Rofles) EXACTLY ^
11:16 (Rofles) your slowly learning
11:16 (Rofles) good boy
11:17 ... Nick: Rofles is now known as scriptkitty
by rofles May 23, 2007
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