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n. A word used to desribe someone who, contrary to reality, believes that they are infinitely wealthy. A scrillionaire is typically indicated by frivolous, unwise, and flashy spending.
Now that Tyrone's a scrillionaire he even put rims on his toaster.
by The Notorious R.O.B. April 07, 2006
noun (derived from the term "scrill" meaning "money.")

1. A person, in most cases, a baller, whos assets/money are at a high enough surplus they can afford thee most deluxe luxuries.

2. Money (dollars)
1. Damn, that Max kid is a multi-scrillionaire with his sauce green explorer and his all /////Alpine stereo system.

2. Gas is 3 scrillionaire a gallon?! Whatever, fill up the Escalade!
by MaxSteel October 08, 2006

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