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Markie H's Definition of Denari or money... The bling bling CaSH
Watching MaRkIeBizOne in his invisiable car
by Snoop Dogg October 30, 2003
27 67
slang term for money
bitch i rolled my 4,5,6, now gimme my scrill
by luke March 26, 2003
300 70
slang term for money.
"I can't go to Taco Bell."
"I ain't got no scrill!"
by Matt Greenwood May 09, 2006
109 29
term used for money
Hommie 1: eh yo, why you gotta b feltchin up on my scrills dawg
Hommie 2: fo shizzle my nizzle
by Amy Mondani March 15, 2004
32 12
street for a bounty of money. Usually cash.
Stopped payin da child support last month... homie now i got scrill.
by Pookie Pookie Mills July 03, 2007
36 23
To do something well and/or with style.
I just scrilled that test.

He scrills blunts

Wow Mark! You scrilled those pancakes!
by The Stir March 23, 2014
0 0
The act of jacking other peoples hard work and using it to benefit yourself.
Yo, I just scrilled a boatload of mograph off this design company! Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzles :D.
by bne meyrs April 30, 2006
98 115
The act of rolling a blunt or j of marijuana .
Ay man, you get that scrilled yet?!?
by Allknowinswuamee July 02, 2009
10 49