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A family with beautiful children who only gain beauty with age
They're such a scribner family
by soberhouse June 17, 2008
A very pointless mundane conversation, usually about something very childish and stupid.
"Man, the other day I sat on the bus with Jon, and we had like a 20 minute scribner, it was brutal!"

"Jon's mind is so simple that he is only capable of having scribners."
by poundcake22 October 04, 2010
noun-Someone who has aids or a tiny penis
or both.
Did you see that kid he was a total scribner?
by god, nah just kiddin not god March 26, 2009
(n) The name for a bum and/or family of bums who can be described with three or more of the following: joblessness, homelessness, drug abuse, illiteracy, stupidity, or out-of-marriage pregnancy.
Look at those Scribners over there, let's yell at them to get a JOB!
by tsu11 July 29, 2008
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