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Noun. A sharp or pointed tool used by graffiti artists to write their name (usually) in glass, plastic, or metal surfaces.

Graffiti artists usually use rocks, modified pens, razor blades, or other various hardware tools. Most scribers are custom made and modified.
Yo, I just made this new scriber from this stuff at the hardware store. It flows so nice!
#scribe #scryber #graffiti #tagging #tag
by SpoR June 25, 2007
A bad check.
The guy issued the bar a "scriber."
#rubber-check #bounced #forged #defrauded #screwed
by crabby1001 June 24, 2009
Something to write with, either a pen or a pencil
I want to write something down. Do you have a scriber?
#pen #pencil #write #scribe #graph
by Rachel Wing September 12, 2006
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