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1. A Skillful musician's or artisan's hands, while they do their job.
Yo, the scribblers on that one dj was pumpin the mad beats, nah mean?
by Yea, i'm the band. October 05, 2007
A turd that becomes so sharply pointed after repeated turtle-heading that it resembles a large, brown crayon. Any movement causes messy doodles on the turd owners underwear.
I waited so long to shit that I gave myself a Scribbler - my Fruit-of-the-Looms look like I was attacked by a Spiro-graph!
by Sean66 July 16, 2012
Woman who takes your penis after oral sex and scribbles your name on her face with your gizz.
That chick's a total scribbler.
by Orangesusie March 26, 2005
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