The act of being scary and creepy in conjunction with one another.
Dude, why's yo face so screepy?

Hey bro, did you see that screeper, he was trying to get up on your actual fer rills!
by Gina O. April 23, 2008
Top Definition
A word made by the accidental combination of creepy and scary. It can be used in place of either word.
That is one screepy lookin' guy.
by Shuzuko July 25, 2004
something that is both scary and creepy.
Grandma, your mole just smiled at me. That's screepy!

by MattVenice August 14, 2007
A mixture of something or someone being both scary and creepy.
The clown doll that was sitting on the top shelf inside the dark room is screepy.

The large old oil painting of a young girl in an old dimly lit hallway is screepy

There is a screepy guy who sits outside an elementary school in an old white van.
by Nice Buns June 09, 2011
A mixture of Scary and Creepy. Made up whilest being on xanax w33d and fourties. :)
"Ryan you are giving me the most screepy look, it looks as if it is an angry elf, but hes horny and hes a secret internet lurker stalker looking in your bedroom window."
by Christine Williams December 05, 2006
a) A person who has no skills when it comes to closing. b) Trying to hook up with someone in an embaracing way. A situation that sometimes looks just as much scary and creepy.
Hunter was entirely screepy last night. He tried so hard getting that chick into bed and his words and actions blew his chances.
by Heglar November 22, 2007
A combination of the words scary and creepy. Can be used to describe not only people, but objects as well.
Dude, the movie "Saw" was screepy.

With his pierced face and bloodshot eyes, he looked really screepy
by Da Michael June 01, 2006
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