When your having sex with a girl, and you fuck her so hard that she blacks out after.
Dude, I gave that chick a screensaver after an hour.
by The Real Poojay February 24, 2010
Top Definition
the blank expression that comes across a persons face when day dreaming.
dude, check out dave day dreaming, he looks miles away

yeah mate i know, he has his screen saver on
by billinom8s November 13, 2009
An office phenomenon in which a colleague, tired from boredom, sleep deprivation, or partying, is fighting the urge to fall asleep in a multi hour review meeting. The eyes shut for brief seconds and then half open as the victim is hanging on to the last thread of alertness.
After hour two of the weekly operations review meeting, Ed was observed going into screen saver mode. His colleagues enjoyed watching his battle with consciousness.
by schlem November 10, 2009
A piece of software, usually something lame that was installed by default with your OS, that takes over when your PC thinks you're not using it any more.
Some screensavers are cute, like Viking Kittens, and some have a purpose, like Make Love Not Spam, but most are just unimaginative lameness that installed by default with sWindles.
by Downstrike December 01, 2004
A term used by newbs/noobs to describe an OS wallpaper
(at a school computer) Billy! DON'T change the screensaver!!
by pmarriott May 22, 2008
A pejorative term to describe someone who offers little or no social interaction in a social situation (i.e is boring).

The term implies its subject is simular to a static computer, which reverts to a screensaver through innactivity.
"Shall we bother inviting Ed?"

"Nah man, he's a screensaver"
by Stu Dalziel April 01, 2008
A lonely person that spends their life stalking and preying on girls photos that he may find interesting this person tends to stay inside most of their life
The Screensaver went on instagram looking for pictures that he could pleasure himself with
by brandoncuhbeach July 23, 2016
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