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When somebodyy looks at your screen while playing a multiplayer videogame on the same TV. It is used mostly when you see that somebody is in your general area with your peripheral vision and you decide to go kill them by looking at their screen to see where they are. Looking at their controler also gives you the advantage of when they are going to attack. Screen rapers are often caught when your running up behiend someone and they turn around for no reason and kill you unexpectedly and use they crappy excuse that they saw you on radar.
Screen rape!! Screen raper!! You just turned around for no reason right as I went to punch you in the back.
by JT12345 July 05, 2008
The act of one player moving separately from their partner in a co-op platform game so that the screen follows them and leaves the other player to inevitably fall to their death or be killed by an enemy because they can no longer see their character.
Man I love to play the new Donkey Kong Returns with my brother, but god damn he always screen rapes me.
by WoodenFrogs November 25, 2010
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