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Screef is a word used in the treeplanting world, specifically Western Canada, to mean to clear a space using a shovel to expose mineral soil in order to plant a pine or spruce seedling.
"Hey Conrad - I need these trees planted with 9' x 9" spacing and 1' of exposed mineral soil. Make sure everybody screefs good!"
by dv8tech June 09, 2013
Accidentally hearing someone wrong by thinking they said one thing when they actually said another. Aural version of scrife.
Did you just say you ate a baby?" ", I said I HATED babies." "Oh, I totally screefed you. My bad.
by Strange Alice August 09, 2010
Derogatory term that is slightly higher in magnitude than douche bag.
Verb-Dude I just screefed in my pants.
Adjective-Your such a screef face get a life.
Noun-Man you are such a fuckin screef.
by Leeth June 29, 2006

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