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great band , ben weasel is a genious for his awesome pop punk tunes \m/
supermarket fantasy , stupid over you , stupid girl , you blister my paint , planet of the apes i wanna be a homosexual , the girl next door
by liam January 19, 2005
awesome pop punk band. Barely pop though.
Mostly known because of all the bands that sprung from this band itself. Famous for Ben Weasel's attitude to people on stage.
Has been around for about 15 years, broken up now but still has enough albums to fulfil anybody.
Screeching Weasel started around the big hype of punk rock.
by screechingqueer June 21, 2005
(v) - The act of swallowing a lit marijuana blunt to avoid confrontation or arrest from police
Stoner: Quick! Do a screeching weasel, there's <5-0> behind us.
by CMoore014 September 09, 2009
A punk band out of Chicago, Illinois. Mostly known because Blink 182 covered their song "The Girl Next Door"
Screeching Weasel
My Brain Hurts
Anthem For A New Tomorrow
How To Make Enemies and Irritate People
Kill The Musicians
Bark Like a Dog
Television City Dreams
Teen Punks In Heat
by Matt November 11, 2004
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