Screamo is a relatively new name for a style of music that's been out sinse the 90's, maybe the 80's. The need for this comes from the cashing in on this genre. Emo has been out since the early 80's (dagnasty, embrace, rites of spring)but it was never labeled that until it hit popularity in the malls. Same with Screamo. Screamo is a hybrid of Hardcore music and Emo. It's Youth of Today + Sunny Day Real Estate. It's characterized by aggressive hardcore or metal riffs with soft melodies and breakdowns woven in between. The stereotypical person that listens to this type of music is the kids who like hardcore music but have that soft side. They're typically very religious, practice straight edge lifestyles and let their surpressed anxieties out through this music. They're too tough for Dashboard yet too soft for Cannibal Corpse. Their stereotypical appearance is also evident of this fusion. The black clothing, brass knuckles, guerrilla bandana, bullet belts and chains adhere to the hard side while the long hair, make-up, pink and white highlights (in the hair and the clothes) represent the soft side. To me, this is just teenage confusion. Although the music was developed from truer roots. These screamo kids are leftover fans of Marilyn Manson, Korn, and other scary crap-metal bands of the late 90's early 2000's. The thing that really gets me about this genre is how so very stereotypical and shallow it is. The music is very much teh same, as well as the wardrobe, and even the manorism of both the audience as well as the performers. I must say, if you've seen one band, you've seen them all.
Atreyeu, Saosin, everyband that where's tight black clothes, has a blonde streak in their hair, plays at church functions, plays in drop d tuning with the guitar strap very short...just flip through the latest AP magazine. Sorry to all of you post hardcore fans of the 90's, face it. Screamo is a term coined by mall america to label this new epidemic but rest assured it will be over soon and we wont remember any of it.
by trashdigger December 03, 2005
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screamo is a term that refers to recent bands that play old style emo. Most pinpoint the first use of the term to Saetia. When the media started to label pop punk and indie rock bands emo, people needed a new word to describe the style of music that used to be characterized with emo. Some say screamo is a little more artsy and pretentious than older emo, but that's arguable.
saetia, orchid, the spirit of versailles, neil perry, joshua fit for battle, yaphet kotto, most bands on ebullition and level-plane records
by vicktor December 31, 2003
Generally the term Screamo refers to a branch of hardcore popularised in the 1990's by bands such as City of Caterpillar, Envy, Orchid, Saetia et al. Often features dischordant riffs, high-pitched screams, some spoken-word vocals (Saetia were known to utilize this technique quite often), and quite often the recordings were very lo-fi, and grainy.

However the term has been heavily popularised by MTV as a reference to the pop-punk/emo bands of the new century (Finch, Story of the Year etc).
Saetia, Angel Hair, After School Knife Fight, Joshua Fit for Battle, City of Caterpillar, Neil Perry...most of the bands on Level Plane Records.
by Will March 04, 2005
the art of molesting your vocal chords
I love trying to sing with screamo music.
by LAWLZlame October 25, 2006
Subdivision of emo and hardcore, generally having more similarities to hardcore in terms of instrumentals, but lyrics are closer to emo. Screamed or spoken-word vocals, laden over soft, proggy riffs or crashing metal madness, more the latter. Mostly dead by now, as the genre was already heavily explored in the 90's by bands such as Hot Cross, Saetia and Orchid.

Most modern (post-2000, really) bands referred to as screamo are either emocore, such as Alexisonfire and Thursday, or mall punks wearing eyeliner and trying to be scary, such as The Used and My Chemical Romance. Derision should not be layed against such mall punk bands, however, as they still have enough balls to wreck their vocal chords while singing about how they're just kids and thier lives are nightmares.
"Man, this Level-Plane screamo stuff is way too hardcore for my ears. But hot damn, those are some cool riffs." CORRECT

"The Used is a great screamo band." INCORRECT
by El Gordo July 04, 2005
emo combined with ear-splitting screams. hence the term "screamo."
Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Usurp Synapse.....and so on......
by Misery October 17, 2004
Screamo is emotional post-hardcore music. It is not pretentious, only the people involved can make it that way. It is not a trend, only the people involved can make it that way.
Note : Just because you heard The Used and Finch and thought they were screamo doesn't make them the first ones to do it, and doesn't make it screamo. They are very far from it. I doubt you'll hear Hot Cross or Yaphet Kotto on the radio anytime soon - and that's just the way we like it.
Saetia, Hot Cross, Yaphet Kotto, The Assistant, Neil Perry, You and I, Off Minor, Kaospilot, Racebannon, The Kodan Armada, Circle Takes the Square, Orchid, pg.99, City of Caterpillar, Usurp Synapse, An Albatross, Bear vs. Shark, Since by Man, Transistor Transistor, and plenty more.
by TJD November 30, 2004
Bands like pg.99, Orchid, Circle Takes Square, and Envy.
A band is not screamo just because they use screaming. Please learn your genres.
by Bloodbath 87 March 08, 2009
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