hardcore punk music incorperating screaming/spoken vocals. Accompanied by erratic guitar and drum beats. Lyrics tend to be dark/hateful. Genre died around late 90's. Had its climax in the late 80's early 90's. Bands such as Alesana (post-hardcore/hardcore), A Day To Remeber (hardcore/pop punk), The Devil Wears Prada (hardcore/post-hardcore), Underoath (new, post-hardcore, old, metalcore/deathcore), August Burns Red (metalcore), Asking Alexandria (shitty metalcore) are often mistaken as 'screamo' music. The proper genres for each band is listed next to each one. More examples of mistaken screamo would be: Bring me the horizon (shitty metalcore, deathcore), Entombed (Death metal), Job for a cowboy(death metal), The Analyst (death metal, deathcore) Disfiguring the Goddess (deathcore, deathmetal), I declair war (deathcore, deathmetal), Suicide Silence (deathmetal), Malodorus (deathmetal). And to also clear things up the word 'emo' means nothing and is nothing. Its a stupid word to piss off over dramatic, egotistical people. The word was made up by media and ignorant douche bags.
And as a side note: The word emo no longer harms anyone. It makes you look stupid. Especially if you yell it at someone across a college campus. screamo is dead
by the understand April 11, 2011
Really awful music that scene and emo kids listen to to be "edgy" or "unique", when in all honesty they are carbon copies of each other.
Me: Buy some originality.
by liz. crazyface. July 11, 2009
A genre of "music", usually involving overpowering amounts of double bass, little to no meaning or soul to the music, and annoying spiderwebbing guitar riffs. When the lead "singer" isn't ripping his throat out while he screams about useless shit, they'll use those new, whiny voices that sound like that of an 8 year old girl's. This music is loved by the hordes of fashion zombies who just love to conform to the latest, passing Hot Topic style.
Scene/Psuedo-Emo Kid 1- OMG did you get the new Chiodos/Bring Me the Horizon/Five-Finger Deathpunch/ album? I love terrible screamo.

Scene/Psuedo-Emo Kid 2- Let's go to Hot Topic and jack off to Craig Owens!

by Tuffy McTuff Notyz February 16, 2009
An emo band lacking enough talent to play decent music and/or an emo band with a vocalist that lacks the talent to whine melodically. Many screamo bands simply make a horrible racket while the kid with the microphone screams like a spoiled child having a tantrum in the supermarket; not fast enough to be considered grindcore. Other screamo bands play homongenized, emo-pop music, alternating mellodic whiny, self-depreciating and contrived lyrics with a screaming back-up vocalist who usually repeats the first vocalist's drama-rants.
I went to the screamo concert the other day and soon realized it was just a screaming kid banging on pots and pans in the store. It actually sounded better than the screamo concert going on at Tantrumcore Records.
by Marcus Solomon November 16, 2007
A word people mistake for being post-hardcore/metalcore music. Bands like: Bring Me The Horizon, The Amity Affliction, Of Mice & Men, Asking Alexandria, Chelsea Grin, Pierce The Veil, Parkway Drive or even Black Veil Brides (are people fucking crazy) etc are usually called "screamo" either by Emo/Scene fags or people who have never heard a vocalist who screams.
Scene/emo fag: Oh my god I love Black Veil Brides and Asking Alexandria they're so screamo RAWR screamo music 4 lyf :3 :3 ^_^
Awesome people like me: You're fucking retarded and so is your music taste, leave.

Scene/emo fag: I love screamo music like, The Amity Affliction, Parkway Drive and Northlane
Awesome people like me: No no no no and NO, go back to listening to your shitty Black Veil Brides/Blood On The Dancefloor shit.
by metalcoreefan August 23, 2013
The stereotypical classification of one or multiple individuals that have characteristics of the hardcore sub-culture. Such as listening to Hardcore (Screamo) music , attending concerts, and dressing in a particular fashion. Such as wearing skinny jeans, v-necks, band tee's, cut off shorts (jorts), Vans, Toms, etc. Although there are many false pretenses about this classification, they are almost entirely all false. This sub-culture will be the driving force behind our generation to the next, with the largest amount of free thinkers, open mindedness, and general compassion. Hardcore (Screamo) music is actually commonly listened to by all different sub-cultures.
"That guy is listening to A Day To Remember, he's obviously a Screamo."

"Cut off shorts? You're a Screamo!"

"Look at those Screamos throw down!"

"Toms and Vans are for screamo(s)."
by P-Train July 11, 2012
It's not music, it's not even close to music, it's the rape of your ears.
Bill listened to screamo yesterday and he shot himself.......10 times.
by szissexy October 13, 2011

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