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Really awful music that scene and emo kids listen to to be "edgy" or "unique", when in all honesty they are carbon copies of each other.
Me: Buy some originality.
by liz. crazyface. July 11, 2009
one of the best genre's around. raw music with really good guitaring and drums. the singing isnt crying, kk?
(alphabetical order) 1905, a day's refrain, alcatraz, the assistant, amanda woodward, arsen aka konig der monster, the assistant, the book of dead names, bucket full of teeth, circle takes the square, city of caterpillar, constatine sankathi, cowboys become folk heroes, dear diary i seem to be dead, dodewaard, envy, the fiction, flowers in the attic, the flying worker, forcefedglass, hassan i sabbah, hot cross, ivich, jasemine, jeromes dream, joshua fit for battle, jr ewing, jude the obscure, ken mode, the kodan armada, kulara, leidan, love like ...electrocution, love lost but not forgotten, mara'akate, memory as perfection, neil perry, newborn, on the might of princes, orchid, the people listening wonder, pg.99, phoenix bodies, the pine, the red scare, the saddest landscape, saetia, scent of human history, science of yabra, seven days of samsara, shikari (maybe?), song of zarathustra, takaru, tasharah, thema 11, thursday, toru okada, usurp synapse, vincent price's orphan powered death machine, yaphet kotto, you and i, zann, zegota
by Frankie February 19, 2005
An emo band lacking enough talent to play decent music and/or an emo band with a vocalist that lacks the talent to whine melodically. Many screamo bands simply make a horrible racket while the kid with the microphone screams like a spoiled child having a tantrum in the supermarket; not fast enough to be considered grindcore. Other screamo bands play homongenized, emo-pop music, alternating mellodic whiny, self-depreciating and contrived lyrics with a screaming back-up vocalist who usually repeats the first vocalist's drama-rants.
I went to the screamo concert the other day and soon realized it was just a screaming kid banging on pots and pans in the store. It actually sounded better than the screamo concert going on at Tantrumcore Records.
by Marcus Solomon November 16, 2007
A form of music for pussies. The lyrics consist of pointless stories about childhood heroes and the people who listen to it are in love with dinosaurs, thick rimmed glasses and other lame/bogus ideas. Also, the people who listen to screamo think they're "hardcore" and think that: dinosaurs still exist; the actually have problems but they really don't; and that they matter.
I'm going to go listen to Screamo to numb the problems I don't have because I'm a weakling.
by Andersin December 30, 2010
What posers call metal
1. "Slayer....is that like one of those Screamo bands?"

2. "Metal? Who says metal? It's Screamo you idiot"
by Slayerface September 02, 2010
The stereotypical classification of one or multiple individuals that have characteristics of the hardcore sub-culture. Such as listening to Hardcore (Screamo) music , attending concerts, and dressing in a particular fashion. Such as wearing skinny jeans, v-necks, band tee's, cut off shorts (jorts), Vans, Toms, etc. Although there are many false pretenses about this classification, they are almost entirely all false. This sub-culture will be the driving force behind our generation to the next, with the largest amount of free thinkers, open mindedness, and general compassion. Hardcore (Screamo) music is actually commonly listened to by all different sub-cultures.
"That guy is listening to A Day To Remember, he's obviously a Screamo."

"Cut off shorts? You're a Screamo!"

"Look at those Screamos throw down!"

"Toms and Vans are for screamo(s)."
by P-Train July 11, 2012
the vocal outcome of multiple men in the process of "banging."
preferably prisoners. Screamo is produced from the dropping of soap within a group of aggressive naked men.
I walked into prison showers and saw screamo being made
by lordbuffer January 16, 2012