A disgusting and shitty excuse for music. It sounds like a mixture of barking dogs and dying muppets. Most of the screamo songs are about general pointlessness and are almost impossible to understand what the singers are saying. Useful if your trying to give yourself a bad headache.
What is that, a pack of wild dogs? Oh, its just screamo.
by akatsuki79 November 05, 2010
Screamo is a so-called genre of so-called music consisting of the godawful noises made by some misguided, pampered, spoiled, suburban white kids who never worked a day in their life passing themselves off as some kind of band. Clueless kids trying to "scream out their angst" because they ran out of better things to do and they can't fart loud enough to really annoy people.
by P. Diddly April 02, 2011
Once upon a time Metal fucked Emo, and never called her back. The result was a hideous, disfigured, makeup-covered hermaphrodite named Screamo.
Screamo is the worst sound a group of semi-humanoids can possibly make.
by The Leviathan September 01, 2008
Screamo is a Genre of music that stated in the end of the 80's and at the beggining of the 90s.
Screamo is a genre that is no longer played by a lot of bands who claim to be SCREAMO.
That would be Fake Screamo
Underoath used to be Metalcore and then changed to fake screamo or Screamocore(they would be that since it has changed).
Norma Jean used to be mathcore but now they are hardcore and a crappy one
Orchid, Saetia, Reversal of Man are SCREAMO BANDS.
Screamo started from hardcore punk and emo.
even thought emo movement is not about that gay stuff everybody says it is...
Try to learn something you wannabe kids that listen t finch alesana and those sucky bands... and if you cut your wrists that makes you a gay suicidal homokid not an emo kid...
p#1: I dont care if you cut your wrists, that doesn't make you emo, that makes you a wannabe suicidal gay kid
p#2: but my friend says we are emo's because we cut ourselvesand we listen to screamo music like alesana
p#1:then your friend is a wannabe suicidal gay kid just like you and alesana is gay the same as hawthorne heights
p#2:so i've been cutting my wrists for a long time and that doesn;t makes me emo?
p#1: obviously you lost to much blood, just forget about it ok retarded wannabe suicidal gay kid...
oh and a poser that shops at hottopic...
by Chawgodfajitas xD February 25, 2008
screamo is a form of emo combined with hardcore, as sead before on this page, it is not screaming emo.
some screamo bands are : orchid, saetia, off minor, funeral diner, hassan i sabbah, yaphet kotto, neil perry & stuff like that.
by Dorien September 12, 2005
a term which refers to punky emo bands in the 90s. however dip shit teenagers will call metal, or any other music(even crunk-rap) with guttural vocals "screamo". basically like people calling earlobe stretching "gauging",people repeate phrases like these because its what they heard, from more dipshit teenagers.
metalhead 1:cannibal corpse fucking rules!
scene fag:oh meh gawd u liek screemo too?!
metalhead 1: this isnt screamo. these guys have actual knowledge of musical theory.do you even know how to play a minor scale fag? metal pwns the shit out of punk.
scene fag:liek its not punk!!!
(metalhead 1 kills scene fag)
by dave mustardstaine May 15, 2011
a subdivision of the music genre of emo music which in turn is a subdivison of punk music, due to its growing popularity schools now have to distinct cliques within them, the preppy hollister mainstream brandname snobby fucks in which i and my comrades have no respect for, and the black everything striped shirt pierce lipped tards who insist screamo is metal when infact its just another 20 year old dipshit who can get over their insignificant feelings.

emo and screamo tend to be different because screamo has lead "singers" who tend to cry louder than their emo counterparts. both emo and screamo tend to have the same chords and lack of musical genius which is supported by the solo being the same base rythem with just distortion. although they tend to be opposite of the mainstream people the tend to have their own culture which is no longer underground, they thrive because pop and emo music is constantoly played and overplayed on the radio giving most people who reject the brandnames a style to go for, this in turn creates a large subculture of similar lanky looking pale faced people who try to be different but just blend in to every hallway and street. those that actually want to be different need to explore themselves before they explore music.
screamo is sooo awesome.

yeah right its just a whiney lil faggot who cries cuz his boyfriend dumped him

shutup its not his fault hes bi

isnt every emo singer bi

yeah so.....

pop fuck

shutup your music sucks

your just jelous because mine isnt about being gay

b b b but.....

ahhhh pluh
by wabaanimkii of youtube January 04, 2010

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