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While having sex on a beach, you remove your weiner and dip it in the sand. Then you reinsert. The result is a screaming seagull.
She loved that screaming seagull I gave her.
by Rawdog Rich June 12, 2006
While having sex on a beach a man pulls out his penis, sticks it in the sand then rams it back into the womans vagina. The result is generally a loud high pitched shriek (ie. Screaming Seagull) as well as some chaffing.
Bob and Sarah were going at it on the beach last night and it sounded like he gave her the screaming seagull.
by Ian Van B November 30, 2007
Verb: When having intercourse on a beach the male pulls his penis out and dips it into the sand, then putting it back in. This causes excruciating pain for the female, and she lets out a loud scream.
Paul: dude, I had Sex with sam the other night on the beach and to ruin our relationship and break up with her I gave her a screaming sea gull.
Ken: That's one hell of a way to end it.
by Sheamus April 10, 2008
when you are doing it on the beach, you pull it out, roll it in the sand, then cram it back in
that hooker dug her nails into my back while i was bangin her on the beach so i gave her a screaming seagull
by bradincali February 28, 2007
The noise your girlfriend makes after you pull out, stick your penis in the sand, and then repenetrate.
My girlfriend and I went to the beach yesturday and I gave her a screaming seagull.
by Rack City January 02, 2012
when your doing a chick on the beach and before you cum you pull your dick out stick it in the sand and then shove that shit back in there and cover your ears because thats one loud fucking seagull.
me and sally were on the beach getting it on then i pulled a screaming seagull. that bitch screamed so loud i need a hearing aide in my left ear.
by johnathan fuckin howell January 04, 2008
While having sex with Papageorges, the girl feels just like if she was having sex with a sandbox.
Mamageorges : Papageorges, would you please take a shower before having sex with me. My vagina feels like its being sandblasted.

Papageorges: Ehh, I just got out of the shower. I guess thats just the way i am. Screaming seagull-ing is Iles-de-la-Madelaine's special move.
by DJChronik October 04, 2010
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