a sexual maneuver. remove penis during intercourse, stick in sand, re-insert into vagina or for loudest result anus
"did you guys here that scream last night? that was jake giving kim the old screaming eagle
by chris coin March 28, 2004
When performing doggystle on the beach, the male decides to pull his penis out of the female's vagina, dip it in the sand, then thrust it into her anus while holding down her arms.
Johnny really taught that cheating whore a lesson when he gave her a screaming eagle at Seaside Heights, NJ!
by Christoballs November 08, 2007
This sexual position starts as a doggystyle pumping action, but you start pumping harder and harder. Finally, in your last pump before climax, you pull completely out of her vagina, and insert into her anus. At the same time, you grip two long clumps of hair, like the handlebars of a motorcycle and yank back towards yourself. The results should be both you and your partner screaming, albeit your scream is voluntary.
I gave Samantha a totally chopper-esque screaming eagle before busting a nut.
by YimBo June 27, 2006
When you grab the handlebars on your chair, push down against the seat really hard, and squeeze a fart out. It gives you that classic high-pitched "SQUEEEEEEEE!" kind of sound
"Ben's screaming eagle made the whole stadium laugh!"
by sym August 03, 2005
When a person is smoking pot out of a bowl and they accidently suck the hot ash through the pipe into their mouth or throat.
Cough! Cough! Dude! I pulled to hard and got a screaming eagle!
by jnando February 03, 2006

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