The word has been coined by the Therapy? musicians in the mid-90's while watching some TV-programme featuring a lot of screaming teenagers. Combination of those words resulted in their new song with such a title soon becoming a hit.
Look! There's a hell of a lot of screamagers at the show! They scream so loud I can't hear my own voice!
by Murdoc Kylburne February 11, 2012
A teenager who goes bananas when they see their favorite musicians. Sometimes these kids are so loud that they take away from the enjoyment of the calmer audience members straining to hear the music over their shenanigans, but mostly they are just adorable & fun.
I'm so excited that we're going to see Darren Criss on his live tour this summer! I hope the screamagers maintain some semblance of decorum so that we will actually be able to hear his incredible voice and musicianship.
by 30-something darren fan April 25, 2013
A halfwit drunkard with a British accent.
What the hell's wrong with you Screamager?
by Unreal May 28, 2003

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