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Messy or illegible handwriting, usually a signature or a small piece of graffiti. Doctors and other health workers are masters of the scrawl.
"Call that a signature, it's just one big scrawl!"
by Mr Ben February 08, 2005
Hybrid from Scrap and Brawl. Means to fight
"You see that scrawl between those two teams?"

"Them young boys always scrawlin' wit each other"
by J-Split November 30, 2009
v. to write in a hasty or illegible fashion
n. incoherent or illegible writing
(New Slang) v. A method of discursive association in which learning occurs tangentially. Akin to surfing, but with purpose or in pursuit of understanding rather than distraction; seeking the coincidence instead of the novel.
(N.S.) n. An idea defined by cross-reference. More raft, less surfboard.
(N.S.) n. A documented scrawling session. Learning by adventure.
syn.: chicken-scratch, scribble, surf, search, google, multi-channeled learning
rel.: sourcing, hyper-referencing, richtexting
"I was talking to this girl Marie, but then I just scrawled off, and she thought I was crazy."

"Yeah, in order to scrawl, you just sort of have to let go and trust yourself."

"I wasted a lot of time scrawling on the internet a few weeks back, but recently I was talking to someone and the things I'd found took the conversation to the next level."

by henry lawless September 23, 2007
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