little hermaphrodites - According to the Oxford English Dictionary, "scrat" means hermaphrodite. If you combine that with the suffix "-ock", which the OED says is generally used as a diminutive, we can guess that the word scrattocks means little hermaphrodites - maybe midget herms even.
It seems the only good use for this word is arbitrary cursing. You could say it when you are suddenly angry like when you stub your toe or when you spill a drink. It's definitely an expletive.
by Liger November 19, 2004
5 Words related to scrattocks
the general insult for arse fingerers
eurrgh your fingers stinck you scrattock
by martyn and leo April 16, 2004
people hu tlk 2 their arse and wait for a reply, while exiting it with extreme objects e.g fingers
webby "hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhh my bum is smooth today" carl: "so bouncy and round "
by ......s and m January 25, 2005

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