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illegal immigrant who can't swim and has to crawl under the border fence
Keep and eye out for the scratchbacks!
by Dr. Wing January 15, 2005
A person on mexican descent, who was so morbidly obese they could neither hop the border or make the swim. So they were forced to dig under the fence and scratched their back in the process.
who let these fuckin scratch backs in here????
by wendall/scot August 23, 2004
scratchback is a term similar to wetback. A scratchback is a mexican that tripped when trying to jump the fence and went underneath it and scratching their backs all to bat shit
That guy next to the fence is a scratchback
by Tommy James November 29, 2006
A derogatory term referring to illegal alien from Latin America who, because s/he cannot swim, enters the U.S. by crawling under the fence, causing his/her back to get severely scratched.
Person 1 white trash: "Hey, Juan. Like, your Mom's a total wetback. They should deport y'all back to Mexico."
Person 2 (Hispanic respondent): "Actually, Billy Bob, you ignorant white trash racist pendejo, my Mom came from Guatemala and crawled under the fence carrying me. So, we're both scratch backs."
by StickMan May 07, 2015
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