A white boy trying to be black.
Holy shit, what a scrappy!
by Spleen July 24, 2003
Top Definition
A person who is little but can really kick some ass.
That crazy little white dude is really scrappy so watch yo back.
by John Taube December 09, 2004
seemingly small and unthreatening but shockingly able to kick your ass and anyone else's
Look at that scrappy lil dude over there. He just beat the crap out of those punks.
by skippy88 December 04, 2005
Someone quiet but tough and wild n crazy
That kid scrappy from harlem aint nothin to mess with.
by Jay February 27, 2005
Someone or something that appears dwarfed by a challenge, but more than compensates for seeming inadequacies through will, persistence and heart.
You dog is bigger, but my dog is scrappy. Rocky beat Apollo because he was scrappy.
by preshere June 19, 2008
someone who is little but can kick some serious ass.
Guy 1 - Wow you see those junior girls playin' powder puff over there? They're pretty scrappy.
Guy 2 - Yeah. They're from Hilmar.
by R.A.G.S. October 02, 2011
Any type of money that you find lying on the ground or left behind by someone else.
Kevin, round me up some scrappies. I need something to eat.
by thanksgrayton October 10, 2007
Doing a lot with the little you have.
The poor children in Mexico used the broken down car as a trampoline. Because they were so scrappy, they could have fun with the little priveleges they had.
by brchica April 19, 2009
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