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A small town of about 4,000 people. Has the largest privately- owned cheese factory in the U.S.
Where the heck is Hilmar?
by Burgerboy the 5th July 27, 2008
The demi-god of infinite awesome. His penis is so big getting a boner could cause instant death.
For him. Or you.
Mystery shrouds his awesome gaming skillz, for nobody ever survives prolonged exposure to his mad nordic brutality.
Oh, and he smells GREAT.
Wow. Hilmar walked in on that guy watching porn and he got hospitalized because of a concussion.

Look at those girls; all over Hilmar.
by TheBadFriend October 30, 2012
The word hilmar is most commonly used for two things, to describe a really bad smelling person or a dead tree.
Look! We have to cut down that hilmar !

God, you smell like some hilmar
by Dunnon March 03, 2010