Being smacked by the new law that when you car isn't insured it is melted down to make wheelie bins even if you have not been in a crash.
"Dude you wanna hit me a lift to burger king"
"i didnt have no papers so I got scrapped"
by snakeeyes July 29, 2006
Top Definition
1. verb (past tense). to have gotten into a physical altercation with another person

2. verb. discarded

3. verb. to have broken a large piece of machinery such as a car down for spare parts or for the metal.
1. Last night at the bar, Jim drunkenly hit on Matt's girlfriend, so Matt and Jim scrapped in the parking lot.

2. It was a good idea but too expensive, so the idea had to be scrapped.

3. My car was fubar so I scrapped it at the junkyard.
by Marc February 25, 2004
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