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The act of taking any item not nailed down, preferably items that can be sold at the scrap yard i.e. steel, aluminum, copper to make a living.
A good day of scrapping can get you a twenty dollar rock and a pack of cigarettes.

Deadbeat: Ma I'm locked up. Cops got me scrapping aluminum siding off a house.
Ma: Damn you! I told you not to call collect anymore from the jail! What jail you in?
Deadbeat: Ashtabula City. I was fixing to make $23.00 off that aluminum. I had $6.00 on me bastards took it for pay to stay.
Deadbeat: Gotta go they putting me in a cell. Love ya.
Ma: Love you too.
by CMBS6 January 02, 2008
Scrapping with a focus on copper pipe.
He broke into all eight vacant houses in the neighborhood. He stole all the copper pipe. His lust for copper is insatiable, he is a copper pipe conquistador.
by CMBS6 January 02, 2008

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