1. Scran is a Geordie term for 'food'. Hence the existence of 'Scran Vans' outside of football stadiums and fairs. 2. A 'scran' or a 'scranner' is also a person of scruffy appearance.
1. "Haway man, lets gan get some scran like!" or 2. "Have you seen that tramp what a scran/scranner!"
by Hoozitgan?! November 08, 2003
A term used for food generally in the north of England, originally used by the British Royal Navy
Let's go gets some scran, I'm starving
by Boluwatife July 26, 2014
My understanding has always been that this is an old Romany word for any kind of food
That was top scran, meaning good food.
by Tankman1 January 24, 2010
to eat food i.e to scran
scranage is also food
gonna go to the chippy and scran da scranage
by original nuttah March 24, 2003
word meaning food, delicious food. also snack food
i'm goin ta get some scran
by Chris Marsh November 15, 2003
food, usually inferior in colloquial english. From dutch schranzen (v.)
binge, carouse, englut, engorge, glut, gorge,
Time for scran - naval,, military, industrial, esp northern england
by ReprievedSoul June 30, 2011
scally word for snack.
eee arrr..giv us sum scran wiv me cig.
by Hanny February 28, 2005
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