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The second city of a funny place called England. Quite wet, but more welcoming and friendy than london.
manchester is so cool...so what if its raining for the 15th day in a row.
by Hanny February 28, 2005
-Largest town in the UK.
-300,000 people
-Home to the wonderful steve coogan and the awful sarah harding.
-Full of manchester united and city fans...and the odd county fan.
meh...i dont have one :(
by Hanny February 28, 2005
A small round cake (not biscuit, as biscuits have vat) with orange squishystuff and chocolate on top. Coverted by small children who refuse point blank to eat the cake and just eat the top >_<
hmmm i sure could eat some jaffa cakes...but the damn kids ate them all!
by Hanny February 27, 2005
scally word for snack.
eee arrr..giv us sum scran wiv me cig.
by Hanny February 28, 2005
One who has a fear of lesbos
I'm such a lesbophobe. Arrrrrrrrgh here comes a lesbian. RUN!
by Hanny February 27, 2005
a name given to friends mom's how care for you like their own
Hannah was locked our of her house to the SUPErMOM, took her to her house.
by Hanny November 11, 2004
a toy sheep, 3 inches in height and very fluffy. Has a friend called cuthbert, a 1 inch chick.
awwww look at the little norberts in the field ^_^
by Hanny February 28, 2005

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