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The act, thought, or feeling of a word that is terribly versatile in function.
O: "Where were you?"
E: "I was just scramping around."

"You tryna scramp?"

"That shit is scrampy."

E: "You wanna get high?"
O: "Scramp."
by chamventure November 06, 2010
A beautiful,bangin', chick, whom you would bone on the spot. Also known as a dime.
Jessica Alba is and will always be a scramp.
by Shweetbox April 14, 2006
Shit cramps.
Uh oh, pull over quick! That bean burrito gave me a bad case of the scramps. Oops, too late!
by Nimiganda May 13, 2009
Cramp caused during or after sex.
we we're fucking so hard i got scramp!
by alach1983 July 01, 2012
Having Sexual Intercourse without using a condom. usually in a scaggy place aswell, common to chavs
I harshly Scramped that girl last night
by philiiiiiiiiii September 08, 2006
Suck my scramp bitch!
by Kevin Stew September 25, 2003