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The kind of porn you watch when you were in your early teens because you were too afraid of getting caught look at porn on the internet. Usually the spice channel or playboy late at night on a basic cable box. The screen would fuzz in and out of clear pictures where you could see the people clearly but all wierd colors and usually no sound(mind didn't).
I watched scrambled porn for 2 years before I got the courage to look at porn on the computer.
by I'm watching you wank August 25, 2006
Porn that you just can't quite make out, but if you watch it real close, you may be able to make out a breast or two.
Man, I was watching some scrambled porn and could have sworn I saw either a breast or maybe it was a testicle, but whatever it was, it still got me aroused.
by TheCroatian February 02, 2009