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1. any nasty fight between women, not necessarily involving physical violence

2. two women fighting. Often involving manoeuvres men would consider out of bounds e.g. pulling hair, scratching, etc.
Donna: Apparently there was a big scrag fight between Steph and that woman doctor.
Callum: Yeah, next time you have a scrag-fight, tell me, and I'll break out the video camera and then we'll YouTube it.
by JBar March 12, 2009

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A physical fight between scrags, often involving bitch-slapping, hair-pulling and copious screaming. The main difference between a scragfight, a bitchfight and a catfight is the the quality of women involved. The term is often used in Australia.
Shazza and Kazza got pissed on VB and had the biggest scragfight over Bazza.
by Ixxi January 26, 2009