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Scout's honor is a honorable promise. While saying the words "scout's honor," one must hold up three fingers. So, in today's world when a guy say's "scout's honor," he means he just got three fingers deep in a girl.
Dude, I got with that skank all night, even gave her the 'ol scout's honor.
by BassMaster1987 October 29, 2009
1. To finger a girl with everything but your thumb and pinky finger.
That girl was so loose, I had to give her Scout's Honor to get her wet.
by NormanB April 02, 2003
A hand sign used to represnt a male finger banging a female.
Joey: 2 in the pink on in the stink
Eric:scout's honor
by 'Leesha November 17, 2007
fingering a girl with three fingers while outdoors.
Hayden: yo Jake I totally scouts honored Johns girl last night
Jake: that's live bro
by J O :D June 01, 2016
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