Someone who has a dodgy perm & 'tach. Wears a Shellsuit, is on the Social & is very adept @ sealing cars, car stereo's, alloys etc
by Turkish September 16, 2003
pronounced Skowser
I live in Liverpool, and whoever has wrote stuff about scousers are wrong. You's are just stereotypical, and scallys are in every country! But because of our accent it makes us all scallys. i live here and i know not everyones like that and im not making us sound good. half of the people who have wrote in this are probaly MANCS!
by Ye laa! December 14, 2003

Someone who comes from Liverpool
by Earl Crumpet December 11, 2002
Scousers are different from Liverpudlians. Liverpudlians are the friendly ones who have a sence of humour and full time employment.
Scousers on the other hand have a are overly cocky, have a huge chip on their shoulder and genrally hate everyone who is not related to them or live on the same crappy councel estate.
You will never get a scouser fighting on his own, typically that will fight in large groups and will only engage in combat when they outnumber the opposition 10 to 1. They take pride in the city of Liverpool without knowing a fucking thing about it and are generally a drain on society. They will take the piss out of anyone they consider to be a "whool" and yet and valid critisism aimed at scousers is met with great refute.
Simply put, scousers are fucking wankers who like to feel superiour to the people they dispise.They are so physically and morally repugnant that they fail to notice that they are an amalgom of all that things they cliam not to be.
"You dont want to fuck with scousers lad"
"Really, why not"
"because we are all shithouses and will batter you with all our scumbag mates"
by Crosby Lad January 11, 2008
People from the greatest city in the UK, people are very friendly, city has more art galeries outside of London than any other city in the UK, oozing culture and class. The cities history is astounding, has two of the greatest football teams in the UK, very whity and intelligent people. Also famous for their world class Universities, medical and software excellence and the most vibrant music scene in the UK, possibly the world. The only people who have a pop at 'scousers' are those originating from less prosperous areas (See Wool or Manc) I have never met a bad scouser and i've met many, all up for a laugh, fun loving and intelligent. And i'm from and live down south!.
What a charming man, very whitty, intelligent, loves good music, great at football, has 35 letters after his name... still loves a good laugh and a drink... must be a scouser!
by Dan Dare September 28, 2006
Someone from the Wirral Peninsular. The term is mostly used to describe people from Liverpool but this is an incorrect deffinition as the scouse accent originated on the Wirral and was COPIED by people from across the water in Liverpool(Lancashire).

People from Liverpool are woolybacks.
Hello, where do you live?

Birkenhead me lad.

Oh, so you're a scouser.
by dixiedean7 November 28, 2011
evertonian. a common misunderstanding is that a lot of scousers support liverpool when infact the majority follow everton hence the nickname (the people's club). Liverpool fans originate mainly from ireland and scandinavia. Liverpool fans who do actually come from liverpool usually fit the typical over exaggerated stereotype of scousers, normally unemployed, drunk, thieving and abusing the benefit system
That Tony Hibbert is a proper scouser.
by blueblooded June 25, 2006
another word for smackhead
or a smackhead who wears a shell suit and has a moustasche
oi you theiving scouser
by sheiky September 11, 2005
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