Not from Newcastle
As in from Liverpool
by piabju April 08, 2003
Nickname given to a person from Liverpool.
Very wrongly judged, almost instantly insulted or stereotyped when they mention to another that they are from liverpool. People there are no different from anywhere else, and everywhere has bad people no matter where you live.
Also people say the accent isnt nice, but then again the london or manchester accents arent exactly the nicest sounding either.
*talking posh*
Man 1:'oh, im from liverpool'
Man 2:oh my god, a scouser, everyone keep hold of your handbags!
by LauraC :) May 28, 2008
An inhabitant of a city fueled by insecurity, weakness and self pity. A city that has received millions in European funding over the years and is still in the top 5 deprived areas of Europe and a low academic record to match. In the main because of the lack of drive, ambition and a propensity to blame everyone else for their failiure. The scouser has a great deal of hatred from Mancunians for building the ship canal, which defined the demise of Liverpool port trade. Where most economies moved on, Liverpool cornered the market in whinging thus creating a culture of state dependency. A common question is why so many people hate Liverpool, because the Scouser hates himself.
I'm a Scouser and we won the Capital of Culture, Giz a grant mate
by Trent Bretton September 27, 2007
Resident of Liverpool, England. They are heavily stereotyped by idiots and the right-wing press as being thieves and scum. The truth couldn't be more different. The Capital of Culture, in 2008, will increase the exposure of Liverpool and this will, finally, show the rest of the world why Liverpool is the best city in the world.
" Awww lid. Lets go and get that car, kidda". - Stereotypical view of Liverpool.

" The stereotyping of Scousers has got out of hand. Something must be done".

"We all hate The Sun. Justice for the 96!" - Me.
by ScouserTommy June 16, 2005
A winging, whining rat with a chip on their shoulder who thinks everything is someone elses fault and that the whole world is against liverpool. A loud aggressive bully who thinks they are hilarious and that everyone else wants to hear what they think. The noisy drunken group who arrive at your hotel and ruin your holiday, and the reason your car no longer has a stereo.
"I love Liverpool, shame its full of fuckin scousers."

"Why is it that no matter where you go, there is always some idiot loudmouthed scouser who has to spoil it for everyone else?"
by attackweasel May 26, 2009
The only people that can steal your socks without removing your shoes :D
mate you know that scouser over there?
yeh pal?
he has your socks
by brettttttttttttttttttttttttttt September 19, 2010
Inhabitant of Liverpool, England. Quite a distinct and complicated group and as I am related through my mother I will try and go through positives and negatives

Positives: 1. Very friendly people, towards tourists and their friends, once one becomes a mate, they will never let you down and always be there for you
2. Extremely loyal, almost to a fault
3. Stick up for their own and not afraid to stand up for what's right, occasionally goes too far but without the efforts of the people, this world would be a much worse place
4. Dont give up on a course of action once undertaken. Sometimes a disadvantage when that course was ultimately a mistake, but shows a lot of determination to achieve things without giving in
5. Hilarious piss takers, very funny people, especially once they had a few

1. Need to learn how to accept criticism, not everything Liverpool has done over the years has been perfect, mistakes have been made but some struggle to agnowledge them. Rest of the country isnt always to blame guys
2. A bit too 'stuck in the 80's' in outlook, still feel as though the media and politics is the same as when Thatcher was in power. Sorry guys but time has moved on, and some need to accept change
3. Tend unfortunately to follow the lead of those who shout the loudest rather than those who show more discretion which doesnt help Scargill, Hatton etc and too many want to be in charge even though some dont have the capacity for it. Not all that tolerant of those with individual opinions who question whatever direction taken by the massed majority

4. Scouser-wool superiority complexes and tedious debates as to what constitutes one or the other. Bo-ring
5. May be good at taking the piss, but any counter response and often the eyes glaze over and the red mist comes down. Some not always able to differentiate between banter and abuse

However, for all their faults, much rather be in Liverpool than Manchester, Is a city of character and verve despite all the misfortunes that have befell it, and the people, in the main reflect that
Scousers rule the world, and dont you forget it!
by Ricohard May 07, 2009
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