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verb - olde english/steel reserve - To douse another anywhere from the top of their head to their shoulder-blades with no less than 4 ounces of boymilk.
She was beefin' about me givin' her throat babies, so I graced her with a scotch bonnet. Bladow!
by Flare Bro Numero Dos October 08, 2003
the act of blowing one's load all up in some slut's hair.
she tried to take my dick out her mouf, but it was too late. she got her a scotch bonnet.
by Sanildris October 04, 2003
the act of farting while in a 69 position and leaving a little peice of excrement on the others forhead
Susna looked great after i left her a scotch bonnet
by G-baby December 10, 2004

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