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Universal Word, often used after a dis. Used often (and poularized) by Daniel (Last Name Omitted By Author). Extremely annoying and pointless. Said in a stupid voice. Commonly used in Seattle. DO NOT SAY UNLESS IN EMERGENCY...
I may be sort of annoying, but at least I'm not a metro emo! Scorch!
18 25
A term to describe the most powerful hot fart that can possibly be produced by an living being. It has a half life of 3 months and can be described as "invisible fog".
SCORCH!! I cant breathe!
by words o choice December 03, 2005
19 26
to deposit felch by mouth into another person's mouth
after he felched me he scorched me... gross
by kel February 14, 2005
4 13
from hot shit to black shit
I scorched my couch with a lighter
by You know April 12, 2005
5 22