Universal Word, often used after a dis. Used often (and poularized) by Daniel (Last Name Omitted By Author). Extremely annoying and pointless. Said in a stupid voice. Commonly used in Seattle. DO NOT SAY UNLESS IN EMERGENCY...
I may be sort of annoying, but at least I'm not a metro emo! Scorch!
A term to describe the most powerful hot fart that can possibly be produced by an living being. It has a half life of 3 months and can be described as "invisible fog".
SCORCH!! I cant breathe!
by words o choice December 03, 2005
to deposit felch by mouth into another person's mouth
after he felched me he scorched me... gross
by kel February 14, 2005
from hot shit to black shit
I scorched my couch with a lighter
by You know April 12, 2005
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