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3 definitions by youchoose

to be intoxicated to the point where you can't be anymore messed up without passing out. Synonyms: Drunk, fucked up, trashed, blazed, melted, stoned, malted, smashed, half dead.
me: Yo did you like drinking that steel reserve after that phattie?
josh: word man, im scorched
by youchoose January 01, 2004
a person who smokes pot a lot. A stoner, pothead, drugee and whatnot.
Man that kid is such a head. He leaves school everyday at lunch to go smoke bowls.
by youchoose January 01, 2004
word is an awesome way to acknowledge a phrase, biase or action.
Me: Yo that B got me zoned.
Rob: ya mon, word

Me: How was last night?
Adam: chillen man
Me: Girls?
Adam: Worrrrrrrrd up homie
Me: Nice
by Youchoose November 30, 2003