verb: To hastily peruse vast quantities of information

Origin: James A. Girard
I googled that city then, after scoodling (scoodle) the results, I found only one site I was interested in.
by JAGirard September 14, 2006
Top Definition
To make a copy of purchased recorded music rather than buy your own. Variation of words invented by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) in the mid-1980s to attempt to put negative social pressure on people who would do such copying. The RIAA released a drawing of a "scoodler"; imagine a Grinch-like creature holding an audio cassette in each hand.
"Let me borrow your CD so I can scoodle it." Variations were used in Billboard Magazine, August 10, 1985 issue.
by ChrisInHwd April 06, 2010
Waddling swiftly; waddling and running at the same time; scooting at a fast pace; running like Adam Morrison does.
After missing a three pointer, Adam Morrison scoodled to the other side of the court to play defense.
by Andrew Paolini March 18, 2006
Scoodle is a really fucked up walk..Because your grandmother just beat your ass with a yard stick.
Stop grandma youre embarassing me by beating my ass with a stick in the middle of Ollive garden. I am scoodoodeliddleingaling out of here~!
by Ryan Moore May 27, 2004
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