A sound that evil/wicked people say
*scoff* *scoff* i hearby to kill you all.
by Dictionary March 18, 2003
A large meal, not necessarily formal but a time to eat as much as you can and enjoy the company of other people
Friend 1: Hey buddy, drop over for a scoff!

Friend 2 : Alright will do man, I'm starved
by Quig709 November 27, 2011
to nod one's head in agreement due the superior skills and/or intellect of one's opposer
Zachary scoffed at Jennifer's comment, because he knew deep in his heart that she was indeed the ruler of Catan.
by rulerofcatan October 13, 2011
The word Jess M. would like to know the meaning to.
Scofffff Fwesshhh Fwesshh
by Heyhowudoin September 13, 2011
a queer sayin like pft that only rachael lee says
person 1: ur a loser
person 2: pft
person 1: wuts that?
person 2: a scoff
person 1:queer
by mr.hyde21 March 29, 2010
To steal/rip off something not of your ownership.
"Remember when you scoffed that sleeping bag from the campers village?"
"Shhhh. No one knows"
by rustyhookj April 15, 2004
In Newfoundland Teen slang, having a great time
That party last night was a scoff
by Newfie4lyfe March 11, 2004
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