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to sneer at
i scoffed at the paper that i received a "f" on.
by amber April 22, 2004
96 31
The word Jess M. would like to know the meaning to.
Scofffff Fwesshhh Fwesshh
by Heyhowudoin September 13, 2011
1 4
To eat fast
"I like to scoff cock"
by John Mc Bastard-Face May 03, 2003
56 60
to nod one's head in agreement due the superior skills and/or intellect of one's opposer
Zachary scoffed at Jennifer's comment, because he knew deep in his heart that she was indeed the ruler of Catan.
by rulerofcatan October 13, 2011
4 8
a queer sayin like pft that only rachael lee says
person 1: ur a loser
person 2: pft
person 1: wuts that?
person 2: a scoff
person 1:queer
by mr.hyde21 March 29, 2010
2 14
To steal/rip off something not of your ownership.
"Remember when you scoffed that sleeping bag from the campers village?"
"Shhhh. No one knows"
by rustyhookj April 15, 2004
13 27
A sound that evil/wicked people say
*scoff* *scoff* i hearby to kill you all.
by Dictionary March 18, 2003
8 23
In Newfoundland Teen slang, having a great time
That party last night was a scoff
by Newfie4lyfe March 11, 2004
12 35