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Acronym for Silicon Graphics Incorporated. A company which sells high-performance computing solutions which run an operating system based on System V called IRIX. This is an example of a company that is rapidly moving to adopt Linux on their computers, because they heavily disagree with SCO's litigation of companies, when they have no evidence to stand on to support their case.
"SGI's computers are fantastic!"
by Phirkel February 01, 2004
To wordjizz. The issuing forth of semen from the male urethra.
Origin: Romanian Slang
I splogied on him last night.
She liked the taste of my splogi.
by Phirkel May 08, 2003
The mouse which I currently use at the library, which Debbie has control of.
Gimme my Lib13 back, yo.
by Phirkel December 11, 2003
Land where men are gay and women are nasty
You see that Moldavan bitch? She was soooooo nasty.
by Phirkel May 23, 2003
1. Acronym for the Santa Cruz Operation.
2. A company with little or no moral codes, with horribly dishonest PR workers (Blake Stowell) and who uses the media to boost their already inflated stock price. This company seeks to charge money for Linux because it supposedly contains stolen lines of UNIX System V code, however, they have yet to prove their accusations in the form of lines of stolen code, documentation, etc.
3. A business model which is based on an RIAA-like model of "sue and alienate customers", however, involves taking large companies to court and just randomly sending out licensing requests for software which they don't hold the copyrights for.
"That company used to be so great until they went SCO on us."
by Phirkel February 01, 2004

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