A place who's combat system was freakin' awesome. DTs cloaked and raped you from nowhere unless you detected. Bitches shot you from like 3453532624 rooms away with paintball guns and you'd EXPLODE! And on top of that, all your fluffy rabbits did was rip your head off. Best damn MUD I've ever played, still hate Seish for being a jackoff and cutting it down. Let me express combat in song:
Gris got pissed and began to attack but he didn't expect to be hit by flak when suddenly from out of the blue came a bigass bomb that belonged to you. And it started raping everyone all over the place, and suddenly you got burned in the face, when you looked up and your guts looked like spaggheti, 'cuz there was Gris back with a machette.

-Phenix, SCMUD
by Phenix September 10, 2006
Top Definition
"The most fucked up group of people you will ever meet." Mordeth, Tiamat Brood

"I laughed, I cried, I jerked off all over the place!" Gryphon, Omega Squadron

"Better than AvP." Lunatic, Baelrog Brood

"Goddamn this is a killer fucking mud. It makes me want to rip my cock off and feed it to my grandmother." Gorgut, Malignant Infestation

"Your asking me to describe a place I havent done anything on in 3 years?" Malevoiy, the helpful staff.
Primary weapon recharged.
Your laser batteries hits Nova Squadron Arbiter 485!.
Nova Squadron Arbiter 485 explodes in a blinding flash of light!
INFO Nova Squadron Arbiter 485 destroyed by Mordeth.
You get 17 mission points.
INFO Silent killed by Mordeth at The Pilot's Chair.
You get 35 mission points.
INFO Havoc killed by Mordeth at The Gunner's Chair.
You get 33 mission points.
INFO Slash killed by Mordeth at The Gunner's Chair.
You get 48 mission points.
INFO Yug killed by Mordeth at The Gunner's Chair.
You get 32 mission points.
INFO Silverlight killed by Mordeth at The Gunner's Chair.
You get 54 mission points.
INFO Gris killed by Mordeth at The Gunner's Chair.
You get 17 mission points.
INFO Paen killed by Mordeth at Gun Turret.
You get 33 mission points.
INFO DooM killed by Mordeth at Arbiter 485.
You get 24 mission points.
INFO Zam killed by Mordeth at The Engine Room.

BECOME PART OF THE PROBLEM scmud.dhs.org 3030
by "M" December 23, 2003
the best damn MUD your human brain will ever see. involves racial slurs, derogatory misuse of language, rated-r conversations, drugs, abuse, and oftenly wars against brazillians. scmud.dhs.org:3030 (TELNET MOTHAFUCKR)
by "R" December 23, 2003
How many places can you find where, EVERYONE HATES EVERYONE?!?! SPECIALLY KRIGOR
by Harry December 23, 2003
This ain't no pansy ass mud that holds your hands while you kill little fluffy white rabbits!!
scmud.dhs.org 3030
by Gurney December 24, 2003
The only place you can find brazilian racism, special olympic accident victims, and anal probes all in the same vicinity.
telnet scmud.dhs.org 3030 to join the resistance. stop the brazilians.
by wesley. December 23, 2003
Starcraft MUD based off the Blizzard game 'Starcraft' ASK RAVER OR XILL FOR HELP
scmud.dhs.org 3030
by scmud dude December 23, 2003
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