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when someone reaches for your smoke before you've offered it to them
Get your scissor scissor hands away from me
by RAMBOR0B June 07, 2009
hand with long ass nails used to easter, though also useful while peeling an ornage, that often comes in pairs; see also easter
by Keebler Peeler May 05, 2003
inability to keep one's finger nails clipped neatly
Man, that girl just got ripped by scissor hands; she's infertile.
by Fenway November 22, 2005
someone who has long sharp finger nails
Scissor hands explains how people use their long ass thumb nail to cut open a blunt
by hypness May 24, 2006
the crazy-ass long nails on an easter, used to slice a girl's vagina after not getting any. scissorhands can be caused by steroids, concietedness, the crazy urge to ruin a girl's life, and also the uncanny resemblance to a keebler elf who should be in a tree baking little steroidic cookies
wes easter - enough said.
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